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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shepherding young soles one step at a time

From the amount of time Scott Bordon spends walking and running you may wonder if he is endorsed by a major athletic shoe manufacturer or at least owns a lot of stock in one. Last week, Bordon completed his 5th Twin Cities Marathon. This week, he's practically become Bikewalkmove.org's 2011 Man of the Year. Their site features a spread about Bordon's pet project, the Lyndale School Walking Bus. Scott's been cultivating a walk-to-school culture at Lyndale School for the past three years. Bordon says "Walking is good for the kids, their parents, and the planet. Walking is part of a solution for so many modern problems–pollution, obesity, school budget shortages, alienation and lack of community.".

By the way, this year Bordon finished the marathon with a new best time. But, you'll have to catch him if you want to find out how he did.