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Monday, May 2, 2011

From a Southwest Journal story, A Hyperlocal Look At the Census, by Nick Halter, May 2011.

Regarding the 2010 Census Data,Thomas Streitz, The Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development department's (CPED) director of housing policy and development answers the question: "How do Lynnhurst, Linden Hills and Fulton gain a couple hundred residents (over the past decade) while Kingfield and East Harriet lose a few hundred?".

Streitz said one factor is that Kingfield and East Harriet did not have a community school during the past decade, leading some families to move to Linden Hills, Fulton and Lynnhurst.

Certainly, many of us knew families who moved out of the community over the past few years following CSO. Maybe community schools are important to the viability of urban neighborhoods after all.