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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let’s Walk or Bike to School

Remember the “good old days” when kids would walk to school for 10 miles in a snowstorm? Well, Lyndale Community School is trying re-live the “good old days” by encouraging more students to walk to school, (not 10 miles, but more than likely through the snow). Lyndale is working in conjunction with the Minneapolis School District in a program called Safe Routes. Safe Routes encourages children to walk and bike to school by providing safe and reliable “walking school buses” for students.

Lyndale Community School will be kicking off their Walk/Bike to School Day on April 22nd, which is also Earth Day. There will be four designated locations and times for parents and students to meet. Parents will be leading the “walking school buses” every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of the school year. All students have been invited to join up with a walking bus. The goal of Safe Routes is to promote physical activity among young people.

Childhood obesity is growing in our nation. Since most young people are enrolled in schools there is an important role for schools to play in the fight against obesity. It is a proven fact that along with good nutrition, physical activity helps support academic progress. One way we can get our children up and active is by walking and biking to and from school. Not only is walking and biking to school a healthy alternative for children, it is also a good community building activity for families. Parents can connect with others in their neighborhood to create walking school bus groups. Parents can ensure the safety of the walking bus, while everyone gets some exercise.

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KARE-11 News Clip:

Scott Bordon Talking about the Walking Bus