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Monday, January 25, 2010

9 Reasons to Choose Lyndale Community School

Choice cards are due on January 31st and it has been so fun to connect with those who have chosen Lyndale Community School. For those of you still trying to make up your mind–there are tours this week on Tuesday at 9 and Thursday at 10. And here are 9 reasons to choose Lyndale Community School. Does it fit with your values?

9 reasons to choose Lyndale Community School.

You value diversity. You’ve chosen to live in a economically and culturally diverse part of the city and you would like your child’s school to reflect that diversity. You believe a stronger neighborhood, a stronger city results from people of a wide range of backgrounds connecting with one another. You’d like your child to make friends with children whose backgrounds circle the world.

You value community. You believe a strong community school anchors a neighborhood. You imagine a neighborhood where people move in because of access to the community school, not one where they move out to be closer to a choice they made. You value the welcoming, inclusive atmosphere at Lyndale Community School. You like that each classroom functions as a small community of learners.

You value equity. You believe all children should have access to a quality school. You do not want to contribute to a school system of have and have-nots.

You value achievement. You understand test scores correlate with demographics and you must dig deeper to gain a full picture of a school’s performance. Lyndale students far exceed expectations. You’d like a school where your child is “expected” to exceed expectations.

You value teachers. At Lyndale teachers tirelessly dedicate themselves to meeting your child where s/he’s at and then challenging each child to learn, think, create and grow. They are continually honing their craft and are intentional in all that they do. Lyndale teachers love to teach at Lyndale Community School–they stay and send their own children to Lyndale too.

You value the arts. You are excited about all the partnerships at Lyndale–The Children’s Theater, The Jungle Theater, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, The Minnesota Sinfonia, Opera for the Very Young–to name a few.

You value a rich curriculum. The Core Knowledge curriculum has at its heart the belief that kids learn to think by reading great literature, doing difficult math, studying science and history. You child’s imagination will be sparked through the study of topics such as Ancient Egypt and the American Revolution, magnetism and astronomy. The Core Knowledge curriculum also expects that every child will present their learning to the entire school at least once each year–instilling confidence in each child, valuing what each child has to say, and preparing each child for leadership.

You value the environment. You would like to attend a school close to home. You look for ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Lyndale Community School: Does it fit with your values?