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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update on Recent Round of Lyndale Tours

According to Lydale PTO’s Elizabeth Short, recent Lyndale school tours have been well attended. The largest was a group of 17 people. Those attending tours are split evenly between families with children who will be starting Kindergarten in 2010 and families who may be transferring in to Lyndale from other schools.

“Understandably, Neighborhood families who are seeing Lyndale for the first time with entering Kindergartners tend to be much less anxious than families who are transitioning from other schools as a result of CSO”, Short said.

During the tours, parents get a chance to hear from other parents, teachers, and administrative staff. Tours are held during school hours. Touring parents have ample opportunity to visit classrooms and ask a lot of questions. According to student observers, the touring parents are very serious. One student even speculated that the touring parents, who were ferociously penning notes on clip boards and in notebooks during the tour, were planning on buying the building. :)

“People are always concerned about class size and how teachers manage with such different needs in the classroom.” Short said, “As always, I speak about the way teachers do individualized instruction. They keep data books on their kids, with the results of past standardized tests and current assessments in math and reading. Students move in and out of the classroom during the day to attend classes that meet their needs, anything from ELL or Special Ed to advanced math. The classroom doesn’t stop to ‘catch up’ the others when they return: they are expected to complete what they missed as either homework or will work 1:1 with the teacher at another time. There are just so many ways in which this individualized instruction is done. Each child really is pushed along his/her continuum of learning, so that each learns what they need to continue to grow and learn.”

Lyndale school’s administration contends that the majority of its ELL and Special Ed students will continue to be bused to Lyndale as transportation funds for these students come from a different source than general transportation funds, so these students will not be immediately effected by Lyndale’s CSO transition changes. Some ELL and special ed students live within the attendance area, others do not. It is impossible to determine entirely how they will be effected in the future.

Upcoming Lyndale tours and events include:

Parent-led Tours: Lyndale parent Liz Short will show you around the school and share all she knows from 8 years at Lyndale Community School. Tours are on-going. Please call the school to schedule one. 668-4000.

Open House Presentation: Wednesday, January 13, 6:30-8:00 PM. Come hear the principal, teachers and parents talk about the educational vision of Lyndale Community School, the many community partnerships, and the Core Knowledge curriculum.

Children’s Tour: Friday, January 22, 9:30 AM. Lyndale Community School principal Ossie Brooks-James will show children around the school and answer their questions on this day off from school. Please call the school to reserve a space for your child. 668-4000.