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Monday, August 10, 2009

Notes From MPS Board Meeting on Tuesday, August 4th

August 4th Board Meeting

The District staff presented two scenarios for the School Board’s consideration, Plan D and Plan D1.

They also discussed the decision to move the Area C boundary from 35W (current) to Chicago Ave.

They ended the meeting discussing the plan for High Schools.

Summary of key points as they pertain to Open Area F2.

Plan D designates Lyndale as the community school for F2.

Plan D1 designates Ramsey as the community school for F2, Tangletown and G3 Bryant.

Pam Costain: Favors Plan D. Now accepts Lyndale for F2 community school, because of the cascading disruption caused by moving Ramsey. Feels they have obligation to F2 families displaced in this process-a certain number of families are dramatically impacted.

Twilliams: Favors whatever plan the District chooses.

Jill Davis: Favors Plan D1 because it get more kids closer to home, especially spanish speaking kids, if they went to Folwell. Likes the idea of Ramsey being the community school for F2, it’s less disruptive to Lyndale.

Lydia Lee: Favors Plan D1 with reservations.

Chris Stewart: Favors Plan D.

Tom Madden: Favors Plan D.

Carla Bates: Absent. ???

Chair Madden called the vote in favor of Plan D.

Steve Liss: Confirmed that the plan, when presented in September, would be based on Plan D.

Tom Madden: Emphasized to everyone that it will be plan D, with only small tweaks. There will be no site changes from Plan D.

Many left this meeting assured that Spanish Immersion will be merged at Anwatin, and F2 will be assigned to Lyndale Community School.

The discussion turned to Grandfathering. It was a confusing discussion, as sibling preference was never mentioned. But Steve Liss concluded: “We do recommend Grandfathering, limiting immediate disruption. If you didn’t Grandfather in F2, there would be a lot of empty space in the upper grades” (of current schools?)

Board/district indicated that if you provide transportation, you will be allowed to continue at your current schools, but there will be no sibling preference.