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Friday, June 12, 2009

A Request For Our Community

Families in East Harriet and Kingfield have long desired a community school, and will overwhelmingly support it and the quality education it will offer. Families Building Community fully embraces the values of equity, diversity, and sustainability. As the School Board moves forward to strengthen Minneapolis Public Schools in these areas, we can help.


Families will have access to both a guaranteed spot in a community school and access to magnet choices.
This school will have room for and welcome neighbors, who choose it, as well as families who enroll late and ELL and special education families.
When evaluating scenarios for F2, we ask: How does this option provide equal access to a quality education for the children in our neighborhoods and MPS?


The Kingfield and East Harriet communities encompass a broad economic spectrum. The borders run from 35W to Lake Harriet and 36th Street to 46th Street.
Families of many races and ethnicities choose to live in Kingfield and East Harriet.
Combining these two neighborhoods with another such as Lyndale or Bryant would further increase the racial and economic diversity of a community school.
When evaluating scenarios for F2, we ask: How does this option take advantage of our natural diversity and improve the diversity of surrounding schools and MPS?


A strong F2 community school that families choose over grandfathering or magnet schools will decrease transportation costs for the district, our families, and our environment.
A community school for F2 can be right-sized for current and future populations of our neighborhoods and the city.
When evaluating scenarios for F2, we ask: How does this option provide economic and environmental sustainability, as well as pathway stability for our neighborhoods and MPS?